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363 Abreviaturas-Glosario de Términos Marítimos, Portuarios y Embarque.

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Aquí podéis ver 363 términos marítimos, portuarios y de embarque.

Antes del correo electrónico, el télex era la forma habitual de comunicación entre los buques y el personal de tierra.

El coste de envío de un télex se basaba en el número de palabras en el mensaje, por lo que para reducir estos costes, se introdujeron muchas abreviaturas para el envío de mensajes y que siguen siendo de total actualidad.

Viendo todas estas abreviaturas uno se da cuenta que éstas no son fruto de los SMS, aún no existía ni el término ni los teléfonos móviles.

AA Always Afloat
AAAA Always Afloat Always Accessible
AAPA the American Association of Port Authorities
AARA Amsterdam-Antwerpen-Rotterdam Area
ABS American Bureau of Shipping
ADCOM ADress COMission
AFSPS Arrival First Sea Pilot Station ( Norway)
AGW All Going Well
A/H Anchor Handling
AHT AnchorHandling Tug
ALU ALUminium
ANF Arrival Notification – usually sent by the lines to the consignee and/or notify parties on the bill of lading to advise the arrival details of the cargo
ANTHAM ANTwerp-HAMburg range
APS Arrival Pilot Station
ARAG Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp-Gent range
ASPW Any Safe Port in the World
ATDNSHINC Any Time Day/Night Sundays and Holidays INCluded
ATUTC Actually Time Used To Count
A/S AlongSide
B Bale (cargo capacity)
BAF Bunker adjusting factor (freight)
Bb Bareboat
BBB Before Breaking Bulk
BDI Both Dates Inclusive
BE Both Ends ( Load and discharge ports)
BEG BEGinning
BENDS Both Ends ( Load and discharge ports)
BI Both Inclusive.
BIMCO The Baltic and International Maritime Conference
B/L Bill of Lading a document that evidences the contract of carriage and receipt of the goods by the carrier that will fulfill the contract of carriage
B/N Booking Note
BOB Bunker On Board
Box everyday term for container (or boxed vessel)
Br Breadth
BHP Brake Horse Power
BMM British Marine Mutual
Br.ld. Break load
BROB Bunkers Remaining On Board
Brt Gross tonnage
B S S 1/1 Basis 1 port to 1 port
BT Berth Terms
BV Bureau Veritas
BWAD Brackish Water Arrival Draft
CAF Currency adjusting factor (freight)
CAP Condition Assessment Programme
Cap Capacity
COO Certificate Of Origin
C/C sshinC/sshinC
ce Ta Center Tank
CFT Cubic FeeT
CFR Cost and FReight
Chem Chemical
CHOPT CHarterer’s OPTion
CIF Costs Insurance and Freight
CIP Carriage and Insurance paid to…..
CIRR Commercial Interest Reference Rate
CLC Civil Liability Convention
COA Contract Of Affreightment
COACP Contract Of Affreightment Charter Party
COBLDN Closing Of Business LoDoN
COGSA Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
COW Crude Oil Washing
C/P CharterParty
CPT Carriage Paid To
CPD Charterers Pay Dues
CQD Customary Quick Despatch
COD Cash On Delivery
COP Custom Of Port
CR Current Rate
Cr Crane
CROB Cargo Remaining OnBoard
CST CentiSToke
CTO Container Terminal Order – document used to move containers in and out of port – specific to South Africa
Cy Cylinders
C/X sshinC / ssheX
D/A Disbursement Account
DAF Delivered At Frontier
DAP Days All Purposes (Total days for loading and disch.)
Dbl Double
DC Discharge Capacity
DDP/(U) Delivered Duty Paid (Unpaid)
DEM DEMurrage
DES Delivered Ex Ship
DEQ Delivered Ex Quay
DHDATSBE Despatch Half Demurrage on All Time Saved Both Ends
DHDWTSBE Detpatch Half Demurrage on Working Time Saved Both Ends
DLOSP Dropping Last Outwards Sea Pilot (Norway)
DNV Det Norske Veritas
DO Diesel Oil
DO También: Delivery Order – document used to get release of an import cargo.
DOLSP Dropping Off Last Sea Pilot ( Norway)
DOP Dropping Outward Pilot
DOT Department Of Transport
DP Dynamic Positioning
DRO Delivery Release Order – document used to get release of an import cargo from an overstay depot
DSV Diving System
DYNPOS Dynamic Positioning
E0 Unattended engine room
EC East Coast
EIU Even If Used.
ETA Expected Time of Arrival
ETB Estimated Time of Berthing of a ship at the port
ETC Expected Time of Completion
ETD Expected Time of Departure
Eth Ethylene
ETS Expected Time of Sailing
EXW EX Works
FA Free Alongside
FAC Fast As Can
FAS Free Alongside Ship
FAK Freight All Kinds – freight charged on the basis of the container irrespective of the type of cargo loaded in the container
FCA Free CArrier
FCL Full Container Load – denotes the container has cargo that is shipped by one shipper for delivery to one consignee
FD Free Despatch
FDD Freight Demurrage Deadfreight
F.DESP (FD) Free DESPatch
F.DIS Free DIScharge
FDEDANRSAOCLONL Freight Deemed Earned Discountless &
Non-Refundable Ship and Or Cargo Lost Or Not Lost
FEU Forty Equivalent Units – denotes a standard container that is 40’ in length
FHEX Friday Holidays EXcluded. (Muslim Countries)
FHINC Friday Holidays INCluded. (Muslim Countries)
FiFI Fire Fighting
FIO Free In and Out
FIOST Free In and Out Stowed and Trimmed
FIOT Free In and Out Trimmed
FIT Free In Trimmed
FIW Free in Wagon
FMC Federal Maritime Commission
F/N Fixing Note
FO For Orders
FO (IFO) Fuel Oil
FOB Free On Board
FOG For Our Guidance
FOR Free On Rail
FOQ Free On Quay
FOT Free On Truck
FOW First Open Water
FOW Free On Wharf
Fr. wa. Fresh water
Free Ex Ins FREE of any EXtra INSurance (Owners)
FPSO Floating Production Storage and Offloading unit
FTD FiTted
FWAD Fresh water Arrival Draft
FWDD Fresh Water Departure Draft
FYG For Your Guidance
FYI For Your Information
G Grain (cargo capacity)
GA General Average
GASBEND Good And Safe (Port) Both ENDs
GD/GD GDynia/GDansk
GENS GENeralS or general cargo
GEOROT GEOgraphical ROTation
GL Germanischer Lloyd
GO Gas Oil
GNS German North Sea
GR GRain
GMDSS Global Maritime Distress Safety System
GRD GeaRed
HA HAtch
HDLTSBENDS Half Despatch Lay Time Saved Both Ends
HBF Harmless Bulk Fertilizer
HBL House Bill of Lading – issued by the Freight Forwarder or NVOCC Operator to his shippers covering cargo that is shipped on their behalf
HDWTS Half Demurrage Weather Time Saved
HELDK HELicopter DecK
HHDW Handy Heavy d.w. (scrap)
HMS Heavy Metal Scraps
HO Cargo HOld
HV HeaVy
HVFL HeaVy Fuel
HW High Water
IFO Intermediate Fuel Oil
IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Code
IU If Used
IMO International Maritime Organisation.
ISM(C) International Safety Management Code
IUHTAUTC If Used, Half Time ActUally To Count
KMC cargo refrigerating system
KN KNots
KTM Keel To top of Mast
I.W.L. Institute Warranty Limits
LASH Light Aboard SHip
LAT LATitude
LAYCAN LAYday CANcelling date
LC Loading Capacity
L/C Letter of Credit – a credit document issued between banks, shippers and consignees
LCL Less than Container Load – denotes the container has cargo that is shipped by many shippers for delivery to many consignees.
LCR Lowest Current Rate
LGT LenGThened
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas
LOA Lenght Over All
LOF Lloyd’s Open Form
Lo Ho Lower Hold
LOI Letter Of Indemnity.
LOLO Lift On Lift Off ship
LOW Last Open Water
LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas
LR Lloyds Register of Shipping
LR Large Range
L.S. LumpSum.
LSD Lashed Secured Dunnage
L.T. Liner Terms
LW Low Water
MB Merchant Broker
MBL Master Bill of Lading – issued by the line to the Freight Forwarder who might have issued his HBL in lieu of this MBL
MDO (DO) Marine Diesel Oil
MDWT Metric DeadWeight tons
MIN/MAX Minimum/Maximum (cargo quantity)
MO Managing Owner
MODU Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
MOLCHOP More Or Less CHarterers OPtion
MOLOO More Or Less Owners (Masters) Option
MON MONitors (fire)
MOT Ministry Of Transpory
MOT Monthly OverTime
MR Medium Range
m/r Mates receipt
MT Metric Tonnes
MTONS Metric Tonnes
M.V Motor Vessel
NAABSA Not Always Afloat But Safely Aground
NCB National Cargo Bureau
NCS Norwegian Continental Shelf
n.E. not East of
NIS Norwegian International Shipsregister
NK Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
n.N. not North of
NMD Norwegian Maritime Directorate
NOKUS – company NOrsk Kontrollert Utenlandsk Selskap i lavskatteland
Norwegian controlled foreign company in lowtax country
NOR Notice Of Readiness
NVOCC Operator Non Vessel Operating Container Carrier – a carrier who issues house bills of lading for carriage of goods on vessels that he neither owns nor operates
n.S not South of
n.W not West of
o.a. Over All
OA Over Aged
OBL Original Bill of Lading
OBO Oil Bulk Ore
OO Owners Option
OP OPerator
OPA 90 The US Oil Pollution Act of 1990
OSH Open SHelter deck
OT On Truck
OW OWners
P & I Protection & Indemnity
P.P. PerPendicular
Pax Passenger Vessel
PDPR Per Day Pro-Rata
P/E Purchase Enquiry
PGH Per Geard Hatch
PHPD Per Hatch Per Day
POD Port Of Discharge
POL Port Of Loading
POT (able) POTable water
PSV Plattform Supply Vessel
PU PUmps
PWH Per Workable Hatch
PWWD Per Weather Working day
REEF Refrigerated
RNR Rate Not Reported
ROB Remaining On Board
ROC Reference Our Cable….(date)
RORO Roll On Roll Off ship
ROTLX Reference Our TeLeX …(date)
RPM Revs. Per Minute
RYC Reference Your Cable…(date)
RYTLX Reference Your TeLeX…(date)
S.THR. Side Thruster
SBM Soya Bean Meal
SATSHEX SATurdays, Sundays, Holidays Excepted
SATSHINC SATurdays, Sundays, Holidays INCluded
SBS Safe Berth
SBT Segregated Ballast Tanks
SELFDISCH SelfDischarger
SF Superficial Feet
SHEX Sundays, Holidays EXcepted
SHINC Sundays, Holidays Included
SID Single Deck
SOB Shipped On Board date indicates the date on which the container was loaded on board the subject ship
SOC Shippers Owned Container – a container that is owned by the shipper as opposed to containers that are generally owned by the shipping lines
SOF Statement Of Facts.
SOM Swedish Official Measure
SP Safe Ports
SPB St. PetersBurg
S/R B/L Signing and Releasing Bill(s) of Lading
SS and C Same Sea and Country coast
SSHEX Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays EXcepted
SSHINC Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays INCluded
ST Short Tons.
STEM Subject To Enough Merchandise
SWAD Salt Water Arrival Draft
SWDD Salt Water Departure Draft
TA TAnks
TBN To Be Named
TBR To Be Renamed
TC (T/C)Time Charter
TCT Time Charter Trip
TCP Time Charter Party
TEU Standard 20′ container
THC Terminal Handling Cost
THR THRuster
TIP Taking Inward Pilot
TL Total Loss
TOBENA To Be Named
TOP Taking Outward Pilot
UKCS United Kingdom Continental Shelf
ULCC Ultra Large Crude Carrier
UN No. a number or ID given to each of the hazardous substance or hazardous group by the United Nations to identify the substance
USC Unless Sooner Commenced
UU Unless Used
UUIWCTAUTC Unless Used In Which Case Time Actually Used To Count.
VEG VEGetable oil
VLCC Very Large Crude Carrier
VPD Vessel Pay Dues
WA WAter
WC West Coast
WCCON Whether Custom Cleared Or Not
WIBON Whether In Berth Or Not
WIFPON Whether In Free Praqtique Or Not
WIPON Whether In Port Or Not
WLTOHC WaterLine-TO-HatchCoaming (distance)
WOG WithOut Guarantee.
Working Copy (Copy of Charter Party – not being signed
and may contain unchecked errors
WP Weather Permitting
WRD Wide Range Destillate
WRIC Wire Rods in Coils
WWD Weather Working Days
WWR When, Where Ready
WWWW Wibon Wccon Wifpon Wipon
X/C ssheX / sshinC
X/X ssheX / ssheX
YAR York Antwerp Rules
YC Your Cable


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